• Rambles through through Rhode Island and Beyond

    Rambles through Rhode Island and Beyond

    Patrick T. Conley

    This well­-illustrated book, the author’s 29th and his third anthology, consists of 38 diverse essays. Although most of these are Rhode Island-oriented, in Part 5 of this volume Conley expands his field of vision to include chapters on ethnicity, nature, abortion, banking, and the philosophy of history.

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  • Secrets & Scandals

    Secrets & Scandals: Reforming Rhode Island 1986–2006

    H. Philip West Jr.

    Secrets & Scandals tells the inside story of events that shook Rhode Island’s culture of corruption, gave birth to the nation’s strongest ethics commission, and finally brought separation of powers in 2004. No single leader, no political party, no organization could have converted betrayals of public trust into historic reforms. But when citizen coalitions worked with dedicated public officials to address systemic failures, government changed.

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  • People, Places, Laws, and Lore of the Ocean State

    People, Places, Laws, and Lore of the Ocean State

    Patrick T. Conley

    This volume contains forty-six essays on various subjects and of varying lengths by Rhode Island’s first Historian Laureate, Patrick T. Conley. The beginning section (“People”) contains not only profiles of individuals, but also profiles of Rhode Island’s major immigrant groups. Part Two (“Places”) provides vignettes of neighborhoods, institutions, and historic homes and sites, especially those in Providence and Bristol, the communities where the author resided for most of his life. Part Three (“Laws”) deals mainly with the state constitution in all its ramifications and with state statutes that have provoked either controversy or acclaim when enacted. Part Four (“Lore”) contains a potpourri of short essays on such topics as the relationship of George Washington and John F. Kennedy with Rhode Island, slavery in the Ocean State, and the author’s long battle with the Providence Journal.

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  • Rhode Island in Rhetoric and Reflection

    Rhode Island in Rhetoric and Reflection: Public Addresses and Essays by Patrick T. Conley

    “These are wonderful essays on the history of Rhode Island by the premier historian of Rhode Island. With wit, clarity, and an extraordinary command of historical information, Patrick T. Conley has covered all aspects of Rhode Island history from its earliest origins in the seventeenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. There are essays on Rhode Island constitu­tionalism (Conley’s specialty), on immigration and ethnicity, on Rhode Island sports, on Catholicism, and on a wide variety of the Ocean State’s local scenes and colorful characters. The beauty of collections like this is that they preserve what otherwise might be lost. And Conley’s writings are worth preserving. He is a treasure.”

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  • An Album of Rhode Island History

    An Album of Rhode Island History, 1636–1986

    Patrick T. Conley

    This volume — containing a crisply-written narrative of over 100,000 words and more than 400 representative illustrations — is the contribution of Dr. Patrick T. Conley and WLNE-TV6 to Rhode Island’s 350th anniversary observance. Dr. Conley, generally regarded as the foremost authority on Rhode Island’s history, has taught and researched in this field for more than forty years. This book is the fruit and the distillation of that scholarly commitment.

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  • Liberty and Justice

    Liberty and Justice: A History of Law and Lawyers in Rhode Island, 1636–1998

    Patrick T. Conley

    The foremost authority on Rhode Island’s history has written a volume to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Rhode Island Bar Association that lawyers and history buffs will cherish — the trials and banishment of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson for their religious views, the condemnation of four whites for the murder of an Indian, the execution of 26 pirates on Goat Island, the investigation into the burning of the Gaspee, the rejection of the federal Constitution, divorce in the late 18th century, the Dorr War, the Gordon murder trial, the Industrial Revolution’s impact on the development of the law of negligence, the Bloodless Revolution, the Race Track War, the Long Count of 1956 — it’s all here, in 526 pages with 207 captioned illustrations in a limited edition of 1,500 copies.

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  • The Makers of Modern Rhode Island

    The Makers of Modern Rhode Island

    Patrick T. Conley

    Picking up where Rhode Island’s Founders left off, Dr. Patrick T. Conley, Rhode Island’s preeminent historian and president of the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, takes us through the Ocean State’s history from 1790 to 1860. Learn how Samuel Slater, the so-called Father of the Factory System, pioneered the making of modern Rhode Island, how Elizabeth Buffum Chace founded the Rhode Island Women’s Suffrage Association and what political circumstances led Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr to the Dorr War in 1842. This volume includes colorful biographical sketches of fifty-six influential Rhode Islanders who helped shape the state’s urban and industrial development into the modern Rhode Island of today.

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  • South Providence

    South Providence

    Patrick T. Conley and Paul Campbell

    The themes of South Providence — urbanization, immigration, and industrialization — best characterize the nation’s modern development. This volume reveals how a well-known Provi­dence community worshipped, studied, worked, played, ate, and drank. The denizens of South Providence were an extraordinary mix. The geographic and demographic devel­opments of the 19th century crafted the economically diverse, dense, and multicultural community of the 20th century. Today almost every major avenue still contains a varied mixture of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses.

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  • Firefighters and Fires in Providence

    Firefighters and Fires in Providence:
    A Pictorial History of the Providence Fire Department 1754–2001

    Patrick T. Conley and Paul R. Campbell

    “This book, one of the few of its kind, traces the history of firefighting in a major American city from the mid-eighteenth century to the present. In 50,000 words and 200 carefully selected photos authors Patrick T. Conley and Paul R. Campbell trace the history of the Providence Fire Department for twenty-three decades. . . . Here is a book for firefighters, fire buffs, urban historians, and all those general readers who like a colorful, nostalgic tale well told. In this work the proud heritage of the Providence Fire Department will be preserved forever.”

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  • Catholicism in Rhode Island: The Formative Era

    Catholicism in Rhode Island: The Formative Era

    Patrick T. Conley and Matthew J. Smith

    This volume — a contribution by the diocese to the state’s bicentennial observance — attempts to relate the history of Rhode Island Catholicism from its colonial origins down to the formal establishment of the Diocese of Providence in 1872. This is meant to be a ‘popular’ history designed for the general reader who wishes to know more of our state’s early Catholic heritage, but it is our hope that the book can be adapted for use in our schools.

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  • The Rhode Island State Constitution

    The Rhode Island State Constitution: A Reference Guide

    Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders

    The historical evolution of the Rhode Island Constitution is outlined in this comprehensive volume. Each section of the Rhode Island Constitution is analyzed completely. The authors also offer a detailed historigraphical essay as a guide to further research and study. Any student and practitioner of Rhode Island constitutional development will understand the importance of such a thorough study.

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