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An Album of RI History
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0898655137
34.95 (hardcover)

Aldrich Heritage: 350 Years of the Aldrich Family in America
Thomas F. Aldrich
ISBN (none — privately printed)
29.95 (hardcover)

All for the Union: A History of the 2nd RI Volunteer Infantry
Elisha Hunt Rhodes
ISBN 0917218213
20.00 (hardcover)

American Paintings in the RI Historical Society
Frank H. Goodyear, Jr.
ISBN 091701233X
14.95 (hardcover)

American Silver, 1670–1830: The Cornelius C. Moore Collection at Providence College
Edited by: Alice H.R. Hauck
ISBN 0–917012–18–6
29.95 (hardcover)

The Battle of Rhode Island: A Victory for the Patriots
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 1930483031
36 pgs. illustrated
12.00 (paperback)

The Bill of Rights & Rhode Island
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0945612265
5.95 (paperback)

The Bill of Rights & the States: The Colonial & Revolutionary Origins of American Liberties
Edited by: Patrick T. Conley & John P. Kaminski
ISBN 0945612206
39.95 (hardcover)

Blacks in Rhode Island: A Heritage Discovered
Rowena Stewart
ISBN (none — privately printed)
6.95 (softcover)

The Blackstone Valley, A Sketch of Its River, Its Canal, & Its People
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012410
4.75 (paperback)

A Brief History of the Town of Glocester
Elizabeth A. Perry
ISBN 0788403893
22.50 (paperback)

Broadsides of the Dorr Rebellion
Russell J. Desimone
Daniel C. Shofield
Intro by: Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0932840116
15.95 (hardcover)

Brotherly Love: Murder & Politics in 19Th Century RI
(Gordon Murder Trial)
Charles Hoffman & Tess Hoffman
ISBN 0870238523
27.50 (hardcover)

William Marvel
ISBN 0807819832
35.00 (hardcover)

Catholicism in RI & the Diocese of Providence, 1780–1886 (Volume I)
Robert W. Hayman
LC Catalog No. 8073128
29.95 (hardcover)

Catholicism in RI & the Diocese of Providence, 1886–1921 (Volume II)
Robert W. Hayman
LC Catalog No. 949200
29.95 (hardcover)

Catholicism in RI: The Formative Era
Patrick T. Conley & Matthew J. Smith
ISBN 0917012135
22.50 (hardcover)

Caty: A Biography of Catherine Littlefield Greene
John F. & Janet A. Stegeman
ISBN 0820307920
12.95 (paperback)

Charles Dewolf Brownell, Explorer of the American Landscape
Kennedy Galleries, Inc.
15.00 (paperback)

Color RI 200 (coloring book)
Carole A. Disandro
3.95 (paperback)

A Community Apart: A History of Public Housing In Providence
Paul R. Campbell
ISBN 1-930483-04-X
29.95 (hardcover)

Constitution Day: Relections by Respected Scholars
Patrick T. Conley et al.
ISBN 1-930483-05-8
29.95 (hardcover)

Constitutional Significance of Trevett V. Weeden
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012437
3.75 (paperback)

Conley Family in America
Julia V. Conley
ISBN 091701295X
15.95 (paperback)

The Constitution & the States: The Role of the Original Thirteen in the Framing & Adoption of the Federal Constitution
Edited by: Patrick T. Conley & John P. Kaminski
ISBN 0945612028
15.95 (paperback)

Correspondence of Governor Samuel Ward: May 1775 – March 1776
Compiled by: Clifford P. Monahon
Edited by: Berhard Knollenberg
ISBN 0917012305
22.50 (hardcover)

Defenses of Narragansett Bay In World War II
Walter K. Schroder
ISBN 0917012224
13.95 (paperback)

Democracy in Decline: Rhode Island’s Constitutional Development, 1776–1841
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012097
29.50 (hardcover)

Diary of A Common Soldier in the American Revolution, 1775–1783
Edited by: Robert Bray & Paul Bushnell
ISBN 0875805280
15.00 (paperback)

Documentary History of the Destruction of the Gaspee
(Richard M. Deasy, ed.)
William R. Staples
ISBN 0917012054
14.95 (hardcover)

The Dorr Rebellion
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012496
3.75 (paperback)

East Greenwich 250Th Anniversary Celebration Sept. 4Th-8Th, 1927
ISBN (none — privately printed)
12.50 (paperback)

Firefighters and Fires in Providence
Patrick. T. Conley & Paul R. Campbell
ISBN 0-917012-79-8
29.95 (hardcover)

First in War, Last in Peace: RI & the Constitution, 1786–1790
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012879
6.95 (paperback)

Growing Up Italian
Dr. Ed Iannuccilli
ISBN 9781891724152
15.95 (paperback)

Guide To Historic Pawtuxet
Hazel Kennedy
ISBN 0917012887
6.95 (paperback)

Halladay: Three Generations of Artistry
John Hanlon
LC Catalog No. 9297423
24.95 (hardcover)

The Hessian Occupation of Newport and Rhode Island, 1776–1779
Walter K. Schroder
ISBN: 0788440748
$25.00 (paperback)

Hidden Treasure: Public Sculpture in Providence
Robert Freeman & Vivienne Lasky
ISBN 0917012232
7.95 (paperback)

History of Bristol, RI: The Story of the Mt. Hope Lands
Wilfred H. Munro
ISBN 0788408275
29.50 (paperback)

A History of Kingston Rhode Island, 1700–1900, Heart of Rural South County
Christian M. McBurney
ISBN 193243335X
19.95 (paperback)

History of Lotteries and the Lottery System in Rhode Island
John Russell Bartlett
ISBN 1930483023
6.95 (paperback)

Independence Day: How the Day is Celebrated in Bristol, Rhode Island
Richard V. Simpson
ISBN (none — privately printed)
12.00 (paperback)

Irish Titan, Irish Toilers
Scott Molloy
ISBN 9781584656913
24.95 (paperback)

The Island, the Ox, You and Me (Prudence Island)
Grace Hall McEntee
ISBN 0917012828
3.95 (paperback)

John Brown’s Tract: Lost Adirondak Empire
Henry A.L. Brown & Richard J. Walton
ISBN 0914659340
18.00 (hardcover)

John Lafarge: An American Master
The William M. Vareika Fine Arts Gallery
(none — privately printed)
7.50 (paperback)

Joseph R. Weisberger: A Life in Law
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN (none — privately printed)
12.75 (paperback)

Lay of the Land (RI Topography and Landscapes)
Albert T. Klyberg
Nancy Grey Osterud
ISBN 0932840035
5.95 (paperback)

Liberty & Justice: A History of Law & Lawyers in RI, 1636–1998
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012992
39.95 (hardcover)

The Makers of Modern Rhode Island
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN-13: 978-1609491642
19.99 (paperback)

The Narragansett [Tribe]
William S. Simmons
ISBN 1555467180
19.95 (hardcover)

Neither Separate Nor Equal: Legislature and Executive in RI Constitutional History
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012062
24.95 (hardcover)

Newport: A Short History
C.P.B. Jefferys
ISBN 0963320009
15.00 (softcover)

No Tempest in A Teapot: The Dorr Rebellion in National Perspective
Patrick T. Conley
(none — privately printed)
4.75 (paperback)

North Kingstown: An Historical Sketch
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012534
5.95 (paperback)

Nathanael Greene: A Biography of the American Revolution
Gerald M. Carbone
ISBN 0230602711
27.95 (hardcover)

The Outlet Story, 1894–1984
Samuel Chipman Smart
ISBN 0917012763
19.95 (hardcover)

People, Places, Laws, and Lore of the Ocean State
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 1-930483-06-6
$29.95 (hardcover)

Plantation in Yankeeland: The Story of Cocumscussoc, Mirror of Colonial Rhode Island
Carl Woodward
LC Catalog No. 77175811
12.95 (paperback)

Portrait Album of Four Great RI Leaders
(Elizabeth Buffum Chace, John Howland, Stephen Hopkins, & Roger Williams)
Marguerite Appleton
ISBN 0932840000
12.95 (hardcover)

Posterity Views the Founding: General Published Works Pertaining to the Creation of the Constitution: A Bibliographic Essay
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0945612060
4.75 (paperback)

Pride Without Prejudice (Senator John O. Pastore)
Ruth S. Morgenthau
ISBN 0932840051
19.95 (hardcover)

Providence Is No Longer Just a Train Stop: The Trinity Repertory Co., Its First 12 Years
Milton Stanzler
ISBN 1570872112
15.00 (paperback)

RI Campaign of 1778: Inauspicious Dawn of Alliance
Paul F. Dearden
ISBN 0917012178
12.95 (paperback)

Rhode Island Catholicism: A Historical Guide
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 0917012569
4.95 (paperback)

RI Ratification Celebration (May 28–29, 1990)
Ri Bicentennial Foundation
(none — privately printed)
2.00 (paperback)

Rhode Island: A Genial History
Paul F. Eno & Glenn Laxton
ISBN 1891724037
18.95 (paperback)

Rhode Islanders Record the Revolution: The Journals of William Humphrey & Zuriel Waterman
Edited by: Nathaniel N. Shipton & David Swain
ISBN 0917012038
14.95 (hardcover)

Rhode Island in Rhetoric and Reflection
Public Addresses & Essays
Patrick T. Conley
ISBN 1930483007
29.95 (hardcover)

Rhode Island’s Road to Liberty
Patrick T. Conley & Albert T. Klyberg
ISBN 0917012852
3.50 (paperback)

Rhode Island: The Ocean State: An Illustrated History
George H. Kellner & J. Stanley Lemons
ISBN 1892724405
34.95 (hardcover)

The Rhode Island State Constitution: A Reference Guide
Patrick T. Conley and Robert G. Flanders
ISBN 0275983323
$165.00 (hardcover)

Rights of Colonies Examined
(Paul R. Campbell, ed.)
Stephen Hopkins
ISBN 091701202X
12.50 (hardcover)

Secrets & Scandals: Reforming Rhode Island 1986–2006
H. Philip West Jr.
ISBN 9780990629313
$24.95 (paperback)

Silas Downer: Forgotten Patriot
Carl Bridenbaugh
ISBN 0917012011
12.95 (hardcover)

South Providence
Patrick T. Conley and Paul Campbell
ISBN 0738544841
$19.95 (paperback)

Trackless Trolleys of RI
Richard L. Wonson
ISBN 091701264X
12.95 (paperback)

Trolley Wars: Streetcar Workers on the Line
D. Scott Molloy
ISBN 1560986085
34.95 (hardcover)

Uncontrolled Chancellor: Charles Townshend & His American Policy
Cornelius P. forster, O.P.
ISBN 091701216X
14.95 (hardcover)

Underground Railroad in New England
Andrew Bell, et al.
ISBN 0917012321
3.95 (paperback)

Valour Fore & Aft Being the Adventures of America’s First Naval Vessel: Sloop Providence–1777
Hope S. Rider
ISBN 0870217445
24.95 (hardcover)

Whistles Echo on the Bay
Edwin l. Dunbaugh, Ph.d.
ISBN 0932840124
12.50 (softcover)

Working Lives: An Oral History of Rhode Island Labor
Edited by: Paul M. Buhle
ISBN 0932840051
14.95 (softcover)

Yankee Surgeon: The Life & Times of Usher Parsons, 1788–1868
Seebert J. Goldowsky
ISBN 0881350885
29.95 (hardcover)

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