Liberty and Justice

Liberty and Justice: A History of Law and Lawyers in Rhode Island, 1636–1998

Patrick T. Conley

The foremost authority on Rhode Island’s history has written a volume to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Rhode Island Bar Association that lawyers and history buffs will cherish — the trials and banishment of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson for their religious views, the condemnation of four whites for the murder of an Indian, the execution of 26 pirates on Goat Island, the investigation into the burning of the Gaspee, the rejection of the federal Constitution, divorce in the late 18th century, the Dorr War, the Gordon murder trial, the Industrial Revolution’s impact on the development of the law of negligence, the Bloodless Revolution, the Race Track War, the Long Count of 1956 — it’s all here, in 526 pages with 207 captioned illustrations in a limited edition of 1,500 copies.

“In this work entitled Liberty and Justice, Dr. Patrick T. Conley, the noted Rhode Island historian, has set forth a compilation of essays and excerpts from treatises and books which chronicle the history of Rhode Island law and lawyers from the founding of the colony in 1636 down to the present time. The book consists of three parts and thirty-one chapters. No aspect of Rhode Island legal history has been overlooked.

This volume contains a panoramic overview of the legal history of our state that should be invaluable both to scholars and to students of the law. Dr. Conley has brought together in this compilation numerous sources of historical and legal information. In each instance he has provided an introduction that places the essay or excerpt in the overall historical context. In some instances his introduction may correct factual material on the basis of Dr. Conley’s own intensive research on the subject matter.

This compilation was commissioned as the defining work in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Rhode Island Bar Association. It is an excellent symbol not only of the centennial of the organized bar but of 362 years of Rhode Island legal history. No portion of the centennial observance and celebration will be of such enduring value as this book. On behalf of the Rhode Island judiciary and the members of the bar of this state, I express our deep appreciation to Dr. Patrick T. Conley for his magnificent effort and splendid literary achievement. “

The late Chief Justice JOSEPH R. WEISBERGER


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