An Album of Rhode Island History

An Album of Rhode Island History, 1636–1986

Patrick T. Conley

This volume — containing a crisply-written narrative of over 100,000 words and more than 400 representative illustrations — is the contribution of Dr. Patrick T. Conley and WLNE-TV6 to Rhode Island’s 350th anniversary observance. Dr. Conley, generally regarded as the foremost authority on Rhode Island’s history, has taught and researched in this field for more than forty years. This book is the fruit and the distillation of that scholarly commitment.

The author’s factual, comprehensive treatment, coupled with informa­tional graphics and useful appendices, even make this book suitable for use in basic courses on Rhode Island history. Yet, Conley has written not for scholars but for the general reader desirous of knowing more about the heritage of the Ocean State. Covered in these pages are not only Rhode Island’s premier sites — Newport and Providence — but also small towns, suburbia, and the Bay; not only manufacturing but also commerce, farming. fishing, and the service occupations; not only government and law but also sports. entertainment, recreation, communications, military and naval history, health care, transportation, notable disasters, education, religion, historic preservation, architecture, and the environment; not only the story of old stock, elite Rhode Islanders but also the achievements of women, ethnics, and minorities. In sum, An Album of Rhode Island History contains something of interest for every Rhode Island citizen, and its handsome format should make it a keepsake to read and to treasure long after the 350th anniversary celebrations have ceased.


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